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Simply the best deal on one color heat transfers in the industry. As low as 15¢ per piece for our Athletic formula (plus setup) for any single image up to 9" by 12.75". Or, get our premium Vintage formula for as low as 45¢ per piece plus setup. The setup fee applies to each order.


Available Formulas


For brands and boutiques looking for a high-end look and feel.


Complements the style, quality, and feel of a great t-shirt. This formula channels a “well-worn” feel without sacrificing durability.
It’s just like traditional screen printing, only softer.
Does not contain dye migration blocker. (What's this?)


Best value for giveaways, staff shirts, and promotions.


Our most versatile heat transfer with a durable feel.
These screen-printed plastisol transfers feature a lower temperature application and blocks polyester dye issues.
Contains dye migration blocker. (What's this?)


For gyms, sports teams and brands using
compression/high-stretch garments.


For Synthetic Fabrics containing Lycra®, Spandex, or elastane that require flex and rebound.
Designed for use on high stretch synthetic fabrics and compression apparel with a soft hand feel.
Does not contain dye migration blocker. (What's this?)


The setup fee is paid each time an order is placed with the One Color Program pricing.
Setup fees are paid for each color/size requested.
Substitutions or color-change fees are unavailable.

Vintage Formula

Sheet Size:
9" x 12.75"
12" x 12"
Setup Fee:
Cost Per Transfer: 45¢ ea. 55¢ ea.

Athletic Formula

Sheet Size:
9" x 12.75"
12" x 12"
Setup Fee:
Cost Per Transfer 1-74: 25¢ ea. 30¢ ea.
Cost Per Transfer 75+: 15¢ ea. 20¢ ea.

Performance Formula

Sheet Size:
9" x 12.75"
12" x 12"
Setup Fee:
Cost Per Transfer: 35¢ ea. 45¢ ea.

Our Stock Colors

The single image One Color Program is only available in our stock color palette.
For custom PMS color matching please refer to our gang sheets.

Color Palete

PMS colors listed are for reference only and may not be exact matches due to printing variances.

Single Images Only

The One Color Program pricing is based around a single-image design.
Designs can be oriented in landscape or portrait format.
Ganging or grouping multiple designs is prohibited.

Single Image Options

Artwork Guidelines

Use Professional Design Software.

Adobe Illustrator Icon
Adobe Illustrator CC

and previous versions

*Accepted files include .ai and .pdf

Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe Photoshop CC

and previous versions

*Resolution should be 300DPI at
the Printing Size

Corel Draw
Corel Draw X6

and previous versions

*Files must be converted to
.pdf before uploading

Set Your Sheet Size

Send your artwork at the exact size that you want it to print. For example, If you select a 9"x12.75" sheet, but upload an image that's 8"x8", we will print your image at the size you uploaded (8"x8").

Submit your artwork right-reading (as it would look when applied to a garment). Our artists will mirror the image for you.

Proper Art Prep Is Crucial

To ensure fine details in your image print clearly make sure that the smallest areas are at least as thick as the minimum print tolerance

1, 2, or 3 Color Positive Space
Minimum Line/Area Thickness

For your transfers to print properly,
your artwork will need to be a minimum of
1 points or 0.0138 of an inch.
Anything less than 1 point may not receive ink in that specific area.

Negative Space
Minimum Line/Area Thickness

To prevent issues with your artwork becoming muddy/unclear,
your artwork will need to have a minimum of
2 points or 0.0277 of an inch between positive spaces.
Negative space closer than 2 points may close in.

Convert Fonts

All type must be converted to a non-editable format. Type that is still “live” or editable may not display properly on a computer with a different font library.

Adobe Illustrator Icon CS6
Adobe Illustrator

Outlines | Select all text and select
“Type” > “Create Outlines”

Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe Photoshop

Rasterized | Select each type layer and
select “Layer” > “Rasterize Type”

Corel Draw
Corel Draw

Curves | Select all text and select
“Arrange” > “Convert to Curves”

Application Guidelines


7 Seconds


Automatic Machines: 60 PSI
Manual Machines: 8-9 / Heavy


Hot / Immediately

Use a commercial grade heat press, because hand irons just can't cut it. We recommend HIX, American made heat press equipment.
Do NOT use any extra covers (Teflon sheets, heat platen covers, or pillows)

Test Application

As always, we recommend testing a sample from our Sample Pack on your item
before production to ensure the garment will accept the heat transfer.
Additionally, water resistant, water proof, or fireproof garments may not accept a heat transfer.